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Project RSAC-Iraq = Shingal, Duhok, Erbil, Nineveh, Mosul


The Nurses Without Borders hook up with YSDS to raise funds for #Yazidi Survivors of #ISIS #Genocide
Yezidi Post, Aug. 7, 2016 - "YSDS RINJ team is now in the city of Shingal and are slowly setting up heath care camps for helping Shingal region with diagnostics facilities and mini camps. Significant accomplishments have been made in that direction. With the help of RINJ plans are on to establish a second brick and mortar hospital. Also in the works is to establish a number of clinics in the Mosul region."
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Nurses Without Borders Start Fundraising for Yazidi ISIS Victims

Health care For Sinjar (Shingal)

1) Health Care for Shingal with a centre of diagnostics in the city and mobile health care workers for the mini camps and ad hoc communities.
2) Expand the services east into the Duhok area camps starting with Sharya
3) Establishing the 2nd Brick and Mortar mini hospital in Duhok Governorate or Nineveh
4) Establishing a growing number of stationary 20 and 40 ft container clinics in the new camps for Mosul, and
5) Once Mosul is liberated, bringing the brick and mortar mega clinics in Mosul online as hubs for the refugee camp mobiles.
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Nurses Without Borders have launched a GoFundMe fundraiser setting out their goals and milestones for providing basic Health Care for Yazidi Victims of ISIS in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The Nurses Without Borders

Read on as the Nurses Without Borders set out their plans and milestones in taking care of ISIS Victims.


  • Kurdish Christians & Yazidis have faced genocide.
  • A million victims will soon be freed from Mosul.
  • The survivors are in bad shape.
  • We will take care of survivors with your help.
  • Please donate what you can.
  • Women & children suffer most.


Simply put we use miniaturized patient-care medical equipments installed in rugged steel shipping containers recycled from units like this:shipping-containers-500x500

We designed a new mobile clinic system to provide high quality health care at low cost.


We are not supplying elaborate health care in the basic high-traffic RSAC units, we are trying to keep these people alive.medicines-l

Our goal is to get the Yazidi survivors back on their feet. We also will prosecute the war criminals who have victimized these beautiful people.

Meanwhile the Remote Surgical Clinics (TRF-RSC) when linked to the central specialist hub (small hospital) perform a range of emergency surgeries in the field.


Kids and their families already displaced suffer in poor conditions. We are all about Public Health and we will fight for these people to get the proper care and supplies. We provide Public Health education on topics like food preparation, water purification, hygiene, self-care, when to escalate a health problem, symptoms of disorders that need medical care and more. We not only save lives with our own hands but we teach people to take control of their own lives even when that seems impossible. We enlist the help of local volunteers and get people working, helping, learning and feeling their self-worth in a new skills-retention regime.

The-RINJ-Foundation-Nurses-Without-Borders-in-SInjar The-RINJ-Foundation-RSAC-Care-and-SUpport-For-Rojava

We provide an efficient way to treat more patients and deal with a wider range of health problems.



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