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The Nurses Without Borders COVID-19 Statistics Update

GMT: 2020-02-22 Time: 16:07

Globally there are 54302 reported active cases of COVID-19. Sadly, 2366 pts died. Of 77976 cases, 21308 have recovered.

In China there are 52883 reported active cases. There were 2345 deaths, 21063 recoveries in a history of 76291 cases.

Territories (32)CasesDeathsRecovered
World 77,9762,36621,308
Australia 21011
Canada 903
France 1217
Germany 16014
Hong Kong70210
Iran 289
Israel 1
Italy 5522
Japan 133122
Lebanon 1
Macao 1006
Malaysia 22017
Singapore 89049
South Korea 433218
Sweden 10
Taiwan 2612
Thailand 35020
Transient 620217
(Diamond Princess)
United Arab Emirates 1303
United Kingdom 908
United States 4906
Vietnam 16015

Important Historical note 16 out of the world's historical case count of 77976 Patient Cases were in the following countries and have made 100% recoveries: Belgium(1), Cambodia(1), Egypt(1), Finland(1), India(3), Nepal(1), Philippines(3 cases 1 death), Russia(2), Spain(2), and Sri Lanka(1). These territories are removed from our list as they no longer have patients reported as infected with COVID-19. NWOB/FPMag's list shows readers where the known infected cases ( remaining 54302 ) are located. The cases for each of these territories remain as part of the historical total (77976) number of cases.

Toronto, Canada: Sat Feb 22 11:07:41 2020
Data does not reflect cases which did not present at a medical facility. Included are the persons aboard The Diamond Princess cruise ship docked at Daikoku Pier in the Japanese port of Yokohama, attributed to "Transient". Cases are being handled in Japan medical facilities until they are relocated to their home nation.

Additional notes.

32 Known territories had an historical 77976 COVID-19 cases of which 21308 have been sent home from hospital with a clean bill of health and sadly there were 2366 deaths among all territories, of which deaths most (2345) were in China.

Did we make an error? Quick contact. Upload data. Share a view.

FPMag has learned of two cases in the DPRK (North Korea). Since this is such scanty information it is not considered to be newsworthy until the universe of COVID-19 is officially stated by Pyongyang. The world should be ready to assist.

China logs some outstanding successes as some of five different vaccines will near test phase in early May.

Current information at GMT: 2020-02-22 Time: 16:07
  1. All time total cases: 76291
  2. Deaths: 2345
  3. Recovered: 21063
  4. Current active cases: 52883

"The Chinese are focussed on identifying only severe cases," says Professor Neil Fergusson of the Imperial College of London. The government of China confirms that there are hundreds of thousands of other possible mild cases.

The effort that is made to report the numbers of significant COVID-19 lower respiratory (pneumonia) cases around the world, and their outcome, is extremely important to researchers and nobody FPMag is talking to sees that any other way. We trust our sources are doing their level best to state the true facts.

China Medical workers

* Over 3,000 Medical workers in China have become COVID-19 patients. 7 have died.

Recent China Reports

At 04:00 on February 21, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 397 new confirmed cases and 109 deaths (106 cases in Hubei, Hebei, Shanghai, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps). 1 case), 1361 suspected cases were newly added.
On the same day, 2393 cases were cured and discharged, 26,441 were close contacts of medical observation, and 156 severe cases were reduced.

As of 24:00 on February 21, according to reports from 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, there were 53284 confirmed cases (among which, 11,477 were severe cases), a total of 20659 discharged cases were cured and a total of 2345 deaths A total of 76,288 confirmed cases have been reported and 5365 suspected cases have been reported. A total of 618,915 close contacts were traced, and 113,564 close contacts were still in medical observation.

There were 366 new confirmed cases in Hubei (314 in Wuhan), 1767 new cases cured and discharged (992 in Wuhan), 106 new deaths (90 in Wuhan), and 47647 confirmed cases (36,680 in Wuhan). Among them, 10,892 cases were severe cases (9,558 cases in Wuhan). A total of 13,557 discharged patients were cured (7,206 in Wuhan), 2,250 deaths (1,774 in Wuhan), and 63,454 confirmed cases (45,660 in Wuhan). There were 1125 new suspected cases (927 in Wuhan) and 4490 suspected cases (3,414 in Wuhan).

A total of 104 confirmed cases were reported in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 68 cases in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (6 cases discharged, 2 deaths), 10 cases in Macau Special Administrative Region (6 cases discharged), 26 cases in Taiwan (2 cases discharged, 1 case died) ).

Note: Hubei Province added the number of cases reduced on February 19 back to confirmed cases, and adjusted the number of new cases on the day.

Accordingly, from 04:00 to 24:00 on February 19,
the number of newly confirmed cases nationwide was revised to 820, the cumulative number of confirmed cases nationwide was revised to 75002, and the cumulative number of discharged patients nationwide was revised to 16,157.

At 04:00 on February 20, the cumulative number of confirmed cases nationwide was 75,891, and the cumulative number of discharged cases nationwide was 18,266.


GMT: 2020-02-22 Time: 01:33 -

The United States CDC is only reporting cases "detected and tested in the United States through U.S. public health surveillance systems since January 21, 2020. It does not include people who returned to the U.S. via State Department-chartered flights. Numbers closed out at 4 p.m. the day before reporting."
Reported and known cases: Travel-related 12, Person-to-person spread 2, from Wuhan 3, likely infected during two Diamond Princess to USA flights 18 (out of 340 initially non-infected aboard aircraft) and those the State Department is responsible for: 14+ unknown infections among 340 souls aboard 2 Boeing 747 cargo aircraft evacuated from Yokohama and over 44 among the remaining 60+ Americans who stayed with the Diamond Princess or in Japanese hospitals. American reports are now coming from several different sources as are cases from other nations which had passengers aboard the cruise liner docked at Daikoku Pier in the Japanese port of Yokohama, attributed to "Transient" in the chart above.

Read: Centers for Disease Control sidelined by Trump Administration. Americans...


GMT: 2020-02-22 Time: 13:41 -
In the Philippines there are 130 patients awaiting results from test labs. By this time 473 cases had been tested as negative and the patients were discharged with good outcome. Of three confirmed cases earlier this year, 2 have recovered and one has died. There are no reported cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines at the time of their last report.

Note: 497 Filipino travelers will be evacuated 23 February from the Diamond Princess to the Philippines. They will be flown to the Clark airbase. It is believed that at least four dozen Diamond Princess passengers from the Philippines are infected with the COVID-19 virus. The infected passengers will be left in Japan as has been the case with patients from many nations.
There is considerable chaos over the numbers of Philippines persons who are crew, travelers, infected or healthy. There were 538 Filipinos---531 crew members and seven passengers among the original 3,711 people on the Diamond Princess according to The Inquirer which also notes that 100 Filipinos have refused repatriation.


GMT: 2020-02-22 Time: 14:21 -
Confirmed cases: 89 | Cases tested negative: 1157 | Cases pending test results: 55 | Discharged: 49 (Source: Singapore Ministry of Health

Note: Singapore has been dealing with a spate of disinformation. We and our medical partners have found Singapore health care and its administration to be exemplorary for years and years etc. Suggest to Singapore readers the advise of Singapore Ministry of Health which is "advise members of the public to not speculate and/or spread unfounded rumors. Please visit for updates on the COVID-19 situation." And that is good advise [FPMag Editor]

Sources for this statistical data.

The following sources are available to readers. Additionaly FPMag and The Nurses Without Borders make direct contact and interview colleagues and sources close to the information around the world to track events and statistics. Information about China comes from the official website of the National Health and Health Commission and from direct contact with health and other officials, patients, doctors and nurses.
  1. The People's Republic of China
  2. Canadian Department of Health
  3. US Centers for Disease Control
  4. Hong Kong Global Tracking (PDF)
  5. Philippines COVID-19 Tracker
  6. Iran News Agency
  7. Govt. of Ireland
  8. Australia DoH
  9. Australia Public Information (PDF)
  10. Ministry of Health, Singapore
  11. Ministry of Health and Welfare, South Korea
  12. Province of Ontario, Canada CoronaVirus Info
  13. WHO
  14. Government of New Zealand

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